Want your Fintech app built easily?

Discover how you can outsource your development to become more profitable,
without the usual headaches.
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We get it.
Building apps is hard.
Especially FINTECHapps.
Regulations, Security risks
Cut-throat competition
You're juggling a lot.
And probably
losing sleep over it...
but don't worry

We’re here to help you get
more sleep

Because your fintech app’s going to be:

  • More secure
  • A better user experience
  • Optimized for your budget
  • Well within your timeframe

And you're going to have:

  • Full control of your tech assets
  • Transparent fees
  • Clear and detailed documentation

and most importantly:

A team to build you cutting-edge code, so your fintech business explodes with profits💥

So you can rest easy at night.

We got it.

Stop tossing and turning over dev nightmares

Listen to these satisfied snoozers:
Not only did Kinectro deliver our app on time and within budget, they also enhanced our user experience. Their strong attention to detail allowed them help us integrate many innovative solutions. We're grateful for their outstanding service and support. Can't recommend them enough for any software development needs.
We had too many costs and didn't want to slow down or compromise our development quality. Kinectro's transparent and fair fees really helped. Our costs dropped, and they improved our setup. They are key partners for us now.

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It’s on the house. You’ll also get closer to your goals by discovering:

  • What is/isn’t working with your current Tech Stack.
  • What’s possible for your development in the next 90 days and beyond.
  • How to easily avoid common outsourcing mistakes.
  • A clearer roadmap to get the features you want.


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